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Payment Options Available

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All Blank Stainless Steel Tumblers. Great to use if you have a business where you make tumblers or you just want a cheap stainless steel tumbler. These will not be decorated.

These are for larger items that will be for pick up only in upstate SC. Please email me at to confirm pick up/meet up time. THESE ITEMS WILL NOT BE SHIPPED!

All completed products that are ready to ship. These are heavily discounted and are sold as is.

These items are various business items that can be shipped. Shipping supplies, vendor event supplies, décor etc.

These item include scents, scented and unscented beads, mold and other items.

Various amounts of fine and chunky glitter from various suppliers. Please read the listing info.

These items include various pens, waterslide, alcohol inks, paints and other items that are used to make glitter epoxy pens or even tumblers.

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